Poker Face?? What Poker Face?

Have you ever known a person that was completely predictable? Anything they do in any situation you could pin point? Every move can be nailed down, even the very words that may be said. It’s as if you have all the stats of a baseball player and are able to use them in order to predict how well or not so well he will do during the season….and be right every time.

It is all pathetic really. You can know a person so well that you know what they are going to do, or is it just the fact that he or she is just predictable? Well there is a difference I believe. However, being able to be read by someone like a users manual for a microwave is just sad, mostly when it is someone who you barely know.  Why would anyone want to be able to be ‘predictable’?

I understand that some people can’t help the fact that they put themselves right there for anyone and everyone to read. I bet those people hate it and try to change it. What about the people who have no idea that they are incredibly pitiful? The worst part is that you can’t even tell them how sad they are because you already know what they are going to react.

Simply depressing and boring. Most predictable people are that way for a long time, so it never changes. Years later you still know them and they are still the same, although they keep claiming they have changed or they are changing. When truly they have not changed at all, the only change that has been made is their perception of themselves, which fools them into thinking they have changed.

It’s very irritating when you know or are close to people like this. There is nothing that you can do but look at them and shake your head. What are you suppose to say, your pathetic because you are so damn predictable? Nope you can’t say that….but then again maybe saying it will be unexpected, making you unpredictable or at least the words coming out of your mouth.


Your thoughts?

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