My Dream Catcher Doesn’t Catch These.

Sleep. The one thing I do enjoy, I can sleep and forget everything that may have been going wrong for the day or any issues or worries that I may have. There is nothing like taking a hot shower and then getting into bed after a long day and laying on that oh so wonderful pillow.

However I have a problem…these freaking people of my past (which of course I don’t even want to talk to in real life) insist on ruining my dreams and wonderful sleep by appearing in them. WHY?? I don’t understand! As if it wasn’t f*%#@ bad enough that I had to once deal with your stupid bullshit once in my life, I have to deal with seeing your god forsaken face in my dreams?

It just ruins my day. I wake up pissed! Like what the hell is going on?! It’s not just one person but two! Several times in a week! I think to myself what is going on here that these f%#&ers decided it would be cool  and funny to show up in my dreams? To me that no longer makes it a regular dream, but a flippin NIGHTMARE!!

I’d rather dream that I am falling, or being chased by some big animal or gee, anything else! I feel like these dreams are telling me that either one of these people are going to contact me or worst….run into me somewhere.

Sure you can’ t run away from your past or the people in it but damn it I deserve to at least run away to my damn dreams! Can I at least have that?


Your thoughts?

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