I’m going through a time in my life where every important decision that one must make is laying before me screaming to pick one and get it over with. After you have spent so many years getting an education, the time comes for you to leave and truly start your life. Everything gets scary real fast and you find yourself stressed out and having break downs once a week.
I never knew that this transition from higher education to ‘real adulthood’ could be so hard. How in fact do people make the choices without so much as a second thought about it?
I’ve been in school for so long that the only thing I truly know how to do is be a student. Though I work and pay my own bills it’s not the same as being out there every day working on salary to pay a mortgage or rent, buying housing things, cooking, cleaning….being an adult.
I can do all that with no problem, that is the part I am most excited for!
To be honest I’m scared.
I’m scared that all this time here at a university was a waste.
I’m scared I will make the wrong choice in what job to take.
I’m scared I will be stuck in a place I don’t want to be in.
I’m stressed. So stressed! Will I get this interview or will I have to work minimum wage job once I graduate?
It’s so hard.
I’m burnt out.
I’m tired.
I have support to keep me moving, but that doesn’t mean that I am any less worried about my future. 
Our lives are full of choices. Some not at big as others, while there are ones that are life changing. Each one we come to, we should take with caution and care.
These decisions that we make shape our life and the way our future will be. I don’t know what is going to happen between now and May. Before now I didn’t care because it was just another summer break. Not anymore, this is the start to a new chapter in my life and while it is exciting and new, it’s unknown.
I am ready to have my first big girl job, move out of my parents place and be an adult, but the road to get there is tough and very scary, I guess being scared means that I am being taken out of my comfort zone. That’s suppose to be good right?

Your thoughts?

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