Are We Vain?

One day I was getting ready for the day, putting on my makeup and overlooking myself in the mirror making sure that I look okay before I headed out the door. As I walked down the side-walk heading to class (which I was running late for) I thought, ‘man I sure am spending a lot of time getting ready in the mornings and it’s causing me be late more often.’ Am I becoming vain???

I asked my friends over lunch this question and they said no I wasn’t, that I was just paying more attention to the way I dress and what not. After lunch I thought about it. Yes, I had spent more time looking at clothes, shoes and beauty products and I have grown a love for it. Even though I do spend more time getting ready for the day (an hour when I use to spend only five minutes) I had to agree with my friends that I have not hit the stage of vanity yet.

So what makes a person vain? Well thanks to, who knows everything, vanity is “excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements”. Now but that definition I am certainly not vain, I don’t like the size of my body these days and sometimes I feel like an otter troll. I do know a few people who do fit that definition though.

What about those that may spend 2 plus hours in a mirror to do makeup and hair just to head to work for the day? The person that wants to just sit among all the shoes, clothes and jewelry in their closet instead of amongst friends? Or the person that may spend the rent money on a bag that they just had to have because they wouldn’t dare be seen with a knock-off or felt that it completed the look they wanted to achieve by owning it?

The dilemma that I see is that there is a very fine line between loving yourself as you are and being vain. It is far too easy to cross that line and never realize. After taking a look at it I became scared that I may one day become vain and not even know! But I have friends that would have no problem telling me so, they keep it real with me.

The question that I find myself asking is what stops us from getting to that point. What is something that keeps us in check from getting completely full of ourselves to the point of arrogance? The answer is nothing. Nothing at all. Even if your friends, family, co-workers tell you, it’s not going to matter, once a head is big, it just keeps on swelling.

You have to be a down to earth, humble person in general to not be a vain person, at least that’s what I think. But eh, what do I know. I’m just a regular person who enjoys playing in makeup and wearing cute clothes.


Your thoughts?

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