If The Price is Right.

As I have started getting in to beauty products and such I began to notice a trend in what people like or use, what they would consider the holly grail of makeup.
That’s what I hear any time I watch a tutorial or read a magazine or anything for that matter. I have seen videos and pictures of women’s vanities and how they are stuffed FULL with Mac products, and I don’t just mean that the drawers are full but the whole counter has storage containers with 20 of the same eye liner, 10 blushes and then there is the eyeshadow…..tons of it!
Now I am loving my makeup, I love seeing what others use and how they use it, but I am starting to wonder is spending all that money necessary?
From what I understand Mac is not by any means cheap, however it is affordable to most. I checked out the prices for brushes online and they range anywhere from $15 all the way to $53!!! To me that is a little excessive!! I would never spend that much on ONE brush ever!

Why are these simple tools so much? Quality! And the name that is stamped on them, which is completely fine.
I know that some people have to buy the expensive makeup because they may not be able to use the less expensive stuff on their face, rather it be because of sensitive skin or what not. For that reason I get it.
However those of us who can use just about anything on our faces , why would you spend all that money when you can get something that is just as effective for less? Yes maybe that Mac lipstick is the best out there and it lasts longer, okay fine, but you have to buy the brushes too? What about the eyeshadow? Why not buy one big palette and be done with it?
To me Mac is…well over rated.
Say what you will about the statement that I just made but there are lots of things in this world that are overrated.
Many people like owning the name, some truly have to spend the money on it and others may just have that one product that they love and will not use another brand ever.
I choose to save in certain areas and spend more in others, I am okay with only spending 5 to 10 dollars on a brush set, to me as long as the brushes are soft and the bristles don’t fall out it works for me. I don’t use foundation, concealer or bronzer so that’s money I save. Most my eye products are 1 dollar and they carry great quality for the price (i love my eyes…love it!).
I like to be a minimalist when it comes to certain things also. Makeup is one of them, shoes are not.
I can understand the want for Mac products, however I can not get over the price. I’m not upset at the price because I can’t afford it, but simply because there are soooooo many other things I can buy with that money that are more important and that are things I NEED!!! Makeup is not a need, it is a want, at least for me, so because of that I will not allow myself to spend an excessive amount on it.
I’m also a frugal person, but in a good way, why pay full price now when in about 3 months it will be nearly 75% off?
That’s my shopping motto. And It goes for everything I may buy, including cosmetics.
So the next time you are in the market for new makeup don’t just reach for the popular stuff, do your homework and go see what else is out there, try different brands, you never know you just may find something you love for next to nothing in price.

4 thoughts on “If The Price is Right.

  1. I agree with you completely! To those people who have all those Mac products stored away, ok, it’s your money. But I’m fine w/ using my drugstore stuff! 😀

  2. Hey! I agree with you, I think there are so many great products out there for less. I’ve been a fan of make up for years but it took me a long time to buy a MAC product (that brand in particular) as I just felt it was really over rated. Over the past year or so I have purchased a few products from them but they don’t blow me out the water. I do have a lot of high end and low end make up but I would say the high end stuff are products I have found are unique and are worth that extra spend. Good article beauts xxxx

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