One Letter Storm.

As I watch the big fluffy snow flakes fall, complements of storm Q,  through my window I think, we are no more close to spring than a politician is to being honest. This is the mid-west so snow will most likely happen all the way until April, even though Spring officially starts March 21st.

It’s hard to think of spring when it is no where in sight. Spring fashions are already out yet it is really still too cold to wear them. With weather it seems that winter lasts too long and spring is too short. One week you are hitting the 60s and the next it’s 90 something out and you are wondering why the hell do you have on jeans.Although I want to just jump right in and fling spring around, I still want to enjoy winter while it’s here. I know that may sound a little crazy but each season has it’s feel, it’s magic that makes it its own. Winter has its snuggle up, read a book, hot coco, cuddle in a warm blanket kinda feel. I do enjoy it. Although once wintry weather started I began to have wrapping paper and party hats dancing in my mind. Since the holiday time is long gone, everyone is dreaming of warmer days. However those are still yet to come. So until then I plan on enjoying the days where I can wear my boots, scarves, and layer up. Once the heat wave rolls in its bye-bye sweaters and hello tank tops. I am just not ready to say bye to my sweaters yet. And yet I hate the cold. Silly, I know.


Your thoughts?

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