Me. A New Piece.

I’m changing, well not really changing, that’s not the correct word, more like evolving. It’s been happening since this summer, and has really begun to take flight with in me. I don’t know what the trigger was or if it was a decision that I decided to make subconsciously. But I took a step back from myself for a second and was completely shocked at how I saw myself.

I see myself very different than I did about seven months ago. In very good ways though, but is it weird to say that even though I am growing into a different something, I am still to the core myself? Maybe I am just weird in thinking that.

Can it be so possible that one person can change yet be the same? I guess the answer would have to be yes. Well isn’t that what growing up is?? This new year of 2013 feels like something new altogether. It feels like something big is going to happen. Something big is happening….within myself. I can feel it with every new thing I learn, feel and see.

I am becoming more open than I have ever been. I have always been an open person. I am making connections with a few young women in business school who have hopes and dreams the same as I, I have begun to see that I am not alone in this. I have people right next to me who have this itch to be something so much bigger than what they could ever dream.

These young women have become good friends! They have helped me grow along this odd road that I’m now on. With a degree in hand soon I feel like I will be able to do anything. I don’t want to be stuck in one place doing the same thing over and over again, I want to live, explore, travel, try new things.. like purple lipstick , and just have fun.

Life is too short, it really is. I am so happy with the woman I am becoming. I have friends that have been there and apart of my life every step of the way. I have a family that is supportive and caring, and the love of my life that will make things better when it feels like everything is coming down around me.

I’m not sure where this new found part of myself will take me but I am completely ready for it!


Your thoughts?

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