Something Good Can Work

I am in love with this song! I have been hearing it on my Pandora, on The Weather Channel, even when I’m shopping and I just love it!
I started looking more into the group that made this song, because I just love their sound!
Two Door Cinema Club has this Cali laid back driving in the car top down on a hot summer day feel! I love that! It is a very unique sound. This sound is not new however, there are other bands that carry the same sound. Bands such as Phoenix, The Strokes, some songs by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and MGMT just to name a few.
Even though these bands may not carry the sound in all their songs, it most definitely has made their most popular songs the ones that have stood out..well at least to me! I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do! For those of us who are experiencing winter weather, this will help get you out of the slump. Put this on in the morning and it will help you get going! Happy Friday!!


Your thoughts?

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