Extra Unordinary.

Have you ever got in a hair rut? Well I have been in one for the past week, that is until today! I was dying for something new. For a couple of months I was wearing a couple of styles that I found and grew to love. Then out of no where I got sick of my hair. I have shot hair, it comes to my ears and there is not much that can be done. So I thought to myself either I cut it off or I can get extensions.

Well my boyfriend’s voice popped in my head and I remembered that he didn’t want me to cut it so, extensions it was. I was in such a rut that after I was done with class I bought some hair and put in the extensions myself using clips. Well, believe it or not it looks great!! And I love it! I was in such a need for change I couldn’t take it.

Sometimes you just need a change. Something out of the ordinary that can be a breath of fresh air. Everyone gets that itch to do something different, out there, even if it is simple. Don’t get caught up in everyday demands that you fall into a routine and become bored or unhappy with things. Get out there and try something new, DO something new, wild. Let your hair down and enjoy. If you don’t, you will just end up boring and dull. No one likes a boring person:)


Your thoughts?

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