Mirror, Mirror

Finally after looking and looking in just about every store that I could think of, I have found a magnifying makeup mirror! I started my search after I decided that I wanted to have a vanity. In the pass few months I have grown a love for fashion and finding my personal style and beauty. It has been very fun and honestly I am becoming more open about what I will put on. I use to think that I could not pull of certain things, but once I started I realized I can pull off more than I thought.

Along with all of this I am finding that you can be creative with what you wear professionally. I though I would always have to wear a certain type of thing all the time, like a suit but I soon found that creativity can be taken into to work place as well. Of course it all depends on the type of career that you have. I plan on being in the real estate biz, that allows me to do plenty with my wardrobe and gives me plenty of reason to buy all the heals I want! Yes!

I take more time to get all pretty for the day and do different things with my hair(that’s a  challenge all it’s own). I am more into makeup while still not wearing more than before. So with all of this going on I decided that once I graduate I want my own vanity in my bedroom. It would help getting ready much easier and more fun.

The mirror I got was a total of 11 dollars!! Yes! When searching I was not okay with the prices I was seeing so I waited and kept looking. (I told you all I can find anything I want at a marked down price in my last post)! It is so nice to not have to struggle to see in the big mirror that I have. The magnification is only 3 but I really don’t need it to be any higher.

There is just something about putting on that outfit with a splash of color on my eyes, a piece of jewelry on my wrist and a spritz of perfume  on my chest that makes me feel so much better about myself. It gives me more confidence and helps me to enjoy being out in this cold weather and being in class. The career path that I have chosen will require that I present myself well, not just with my actions and what not but also my physical appearance. 

It’s suppose to help you sell more properties…so I’m told:)


Your thoughts?

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