Look At Those Wings!

The long awaited ( for some people) Victoria Secret Fashion Show is finally here! I personally never have this marked on my calendar and I normally hear of it because every other girl and a few guys are talking about it. I think I may have watched last years show but I can’t remember. 

Anyway this show is a huge thing and it’s a chance to get a glimpse of what is in store for the coming year. The one thing I love most about this show (the couple times that I watched it) was the wings. I love that they make the wings in all different shapes and sizes and use different material to pull together the piece as a whole.

Now I am going to state my opinion here and I am entitled to it, this is my page. I am not a fan of the Victoria Secret lingerie, bra and underwear. Why you may ask? Because for me those things are priced too high for me, now it would be different if I could get these things on sale (and I mean sale like 10 dollars is the most I would pay for a bra).

I have a way of finding anything I may want when it comes to well….everything, at a marked down price, I mean really marked down. Examples: a 58 dollar jacket I paid 8 dollars for, a 30 dollar purse, got it for 10 dollars, and a 45 dollar overnight leather grey bag that I am soooo in love with I paid 12 bucks for.

I have my limits to whatt I will spend on certain things. Come on don’t act like you don’t. For some people they will pay no more than 50 for a good pair of jeans, others may think 20 is too high, hell or too low in some cases.

I do not need to pay 50 dollars for a bra that no one sees besides my man. Hell he can’t tell if I got it from JC Penny or Walmart!! And in case you didn’t know…most men can’t either. I can buy a couple pairs of nice lace underwear and a cute babydoll from Kohls and feel just as sexy as if I bought them at VS.

However I do like their clothing lines most times, and their sweaters!! I’m not going to lie that work out line is hot too! All that matters ultimately is that you like what you are buying at the price that you are getting it for. I don’t know…for me…. there’s no better feeling like getting a good deal on something! Enjoy the show!!


Your thoughts?

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