What They Don’t Teach You in Business School

As I am coming to the end of my last fall semester in college I have come across many growing concerns. Things that I have been asking myself as I sit in class and listen to lectures. Frankly I do not like at all the questions that come to mind. It frightens me more than anything to be honest.

These questions are not the ones that you look at in courses or write papers on. They are simply the ones that everyone should be asking themselves, but no one has ever said any thing about it.

Sitting there in class we were talking about ethics, which no matter what concentration you go into rather it is marketing, finance, or accounting, you will talk about it and how to make ethical decisions because let’s be realistic here, it will come about more than once in anyone’s career.

As I was sitting there I thought, ‘am I even cut out for the business world’? I mean do I have what it takes to make it to the top with all the other successful people? Will I be as aggressive as I need to be? Can I get by with my confidence and great personability? Can I keep people from stepping on me to get to the top or will everyone see me as young and naive?

Will I fail? How do you learn these things? They do not teach these things in class, they do not speak of them. Everything else but these things. I don’t know. I do not know how to gain these qualities or how to practice them. That scares me. I like to think of myself as a realist and to be real there are people that are brilliant in the office, that have this way of running things that makes them a ‘killer’. And even if everyone thinks of this person as an arrogant prick, everyone can admit that he/she is good at the job and no one can do what they do.

What gets you there? Is it the experience? Did someone like a mentor show you the ropes? Or did you just have to be quick on your toes?

All these questions are running through my head and with graduation coming around soon I’m getting freaked out. I think I just need to relax. What is it that people are saying these days?….Keep Calm and Stride On?


Your thoughts?

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