Shadow Days

It’s here!!!! Finally!! I have waited nearly a month for this palette of 120 beautiful colors!

During this wonderful fall season along with fashion, I began to really get into wearing eyeshadow. I have been experimenting with different colors and looks, then I realized that I need more eyeshadow.  Now I wear makeup but I was never really an everyday make up person, I don’t wear foundation or concealer or anything like that. Just eye makeup, blush and something on my lips. With those three things alone I can create a multitude of looks for any occasion any time of year.

I am still not an everyday makeup person. Reasons include: I don’t always want to take the time to do it, my skin is fair enough most days so lip gloss alone is fine, I’ve been told many a times that I don’t need makeup and I don’t want to wear makeup for so long that .I look like a completely different person when I don’t have any on.

I came across this palette for only 10 dollars! I knew right then and there I had to buy it! Plus I should never have to buy eyeshadow for a very long time , which is a total plus. So now it’s in my hands and I can not wait to start using it. Tomorrow will be the first day I put it to use! Let’s just hope that the wait was worth it….and the 10 bucks.


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