Give Thanks

Ahhh my dear readers. I know it’s been while. I had caught this thing I like to call bloggers block. I did not want to write any useless post so I didn’t write. I also have been quite busy enjoying the fall season!

I will not consider the season over until December hits, which is my birthday month! Actually the fall season ends December 21st but we all know that “fall” is dead and gone way before then.

I sure hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving all enjoyed a wonderful holiday. If I am correct Thanksgiving is only celebrated by my fellow Americans. I understand why we celebrate this day. But I wonder why other countries do not celebrate it also.

I am saying this because everyone around the world gives thanks to someone or to some divine spirit at some point in time. It’s nice to take one day a year to get together with loved ones and give thanks to all and for all that one has. Not to mention, you get all your favorite home cooked foods!

However everyone should be giving thanks all the time and making sure that those close to you know that you appreciate what they do for you and that you are glad that they are apart of your life. That is what thanksgiving is really about. So even if you are not an American, I hope you took the time to give thanks.

Hey this is a perfect time to start your own Thanksgiving day tradition, and it doesn’t have to be on Thanksgiving day if you don’t want, you can even skip the turkey too if you like!

Give Thanks everyone.


Your thoughts?

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