iBailar Conmigo!

There is just something I have for Latin dance and it’s music. I started going to a local salsa club when I was a junior in high school. It was and still is held every Saturday in the back of a local coffee shop where hippies and artist of the like meet up to talk about art, music and such.

They named it The Backroom. Its a small place with blue paint on the walls which are nicely decorated with local paintings and art, often for sale. They clear out all the tables and chairs to make room for us to dance. A local will be the DJ for the evening with a library full of Latin music from all genres.

The first time I ever went was with my two best friends. The atmosphere was energetic, electric and spicy. As I looked at the feet of those on the floor I was amazed at how well everyone could dance. Once a slow song came on the atmosphere changed and became romantic. To this day it still has that feel.

I fell in love right then and there with Latin dance and it’s music. I learned how to dance from the more experienced dancers that went on a regular bases and soon was able follow without thinking. The regulars became like a little family, celebrating the good times together.

When I hear that music start, I come alive. Just for those few hours I am in another world and nothing can pull me out of it. I am still learning more things every time I dance with someone. My love for Latin dance grows more and more. It’s a passion I have, I guess you can say, and for as long as I can move my feet, dance will always be apart of my life.

Viva La Salsa!


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