Pinkys Up.

At the end of a very long stressful day there is nothing better than brewing up a pot of hot tea and getting lost in a book or a movie. I sometimes like to open my curtains and look out at the trees and the people going about their day.

It is amazing that for me all I need is a hot cup of tea with a splash of lemon and sugar in my favorite mug and everything just seems to melt away. I love tea. When it is hot it is so soothing and comforting, and when it is cold it’s refreshing and crisp. Not to mention that there are all types of tea to choose from and all with different purposes.

Right now I only really drink one kind but I soon plan to start trying different flavors in different ways to see what I like. Also it is always great to have a snack within arms reach while you sipping away in bliss!


Your thoughts?

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