Pretty Little Things.

This weekend five of my girlfriends and I all gathered in the car at 9a.m to head off to a mall and hour away and shop until our feet fell off. Granted this was a Saturday and we are all college students who are just pulling ourselves out of bed around noon and grabbing our first bite of brunch at one. If we partied the night before, our friends would be lucky to see us before 3 in the afternoon.

The first store that I bought anything from was so massive I did not know where to start. I needed a game plan, however my brain was on shopping overload and I was all over the place, trying to remember the key items that I wanted to get this shopping trip (I had forgotten my list at home). I walked out of the store feeling that I had not quite done it justice.

As we all went in and out of stores with more bags in our hands we all became more excited to take our new things home, lay them all out on our beds and nod in complete satisfaction. Not to mention the joy we will feel when we finally get to put it on and strut down our runway (which is campus) with big smiles, a sense of style and confidence. Ha!

This trip was well deserved and needed for some of us. Others were just along for the ride. However each one of us has something that we can hang in our closets and be so proud to call ours!


Your thoughts?

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