The Staples.

So in the spirit of fashion and in the spirit of fall we have FALL FASHION!! If my wonderful readers can’t tell, I have a bit of a obsession. However Fashion week is this month and it is only fitting that majority of the posts I write in  September be about fashion!

Item#1 The Skinny Jean

Looking at the new trends of this coming season I soon realize that there are a few staples that every girl must have in their closet to build a great fall outfit. I bet you have them and you don’t even realize it! Here I will compile a list of these wonderful fall staples, then you can take it from there.

#1 The Skinny Jean: This wonderful jean has been around for years. Not only is it super sexy but it looks good on any one! Plus it makes it much easier for your pant leg to fit into the next item..

Item# 2

The Boot..Item# 2: It does not matter the type of boot you have. Rather it be flat scrunch boots, high healed ones, or cowgirl, boots are boots but paired with skinny jeans, you’ll most likely turn  heads! Plus it makes your legs look great!

Item# 3 The Sweater

Item# 3 The Sweater: Remember when you were little and your mom always made you wear sweaters in the winter time and you hated it? Well not any more! There are so many different styles and ways to wear a sweater. Some are long, some short, some have texture and they come in many different colors! Not only that but it keeps you warm too.

Item# 4 The Scarf

Item# 4 The Scarf: A very popular touch to any outfit no matter what the season, a scarf can give a fall outfit that extra something. You can wear it in any way you want, do I have to mention that it too keeps you warm? Oh and you will look so cute!

Put all these items together and ta da, you have a very fashionable fall outfit! So go raid those drawers and that closet because you know that somewhere in there are these four staples. You may have a few of each! In that case be creative and mix em up! Now looky there, you have just created new outfits from things you already own. Go you!


Your thoughts?

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