Fashion’s Night About

Many people around the world are joining together for the 4th year to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out! As events are held in cities all around, fashionable people and those of the like are enjoying the styles of designers and fall lines in stores everywhere.

Me…well I was going to have a fashion’s night IN. The plan was to be fashionable during the day while going to classes and then coming home, getting online and doing a little online browsing at fall fashion and the updates on the fabulous Fashion’s Night Out events around the world.

Instead I dressed up for the day, went to class til five then had dinner with the girls til seven, to then come home and do calc homework until about ten p.m.

I kept the spirit of Fashion’s Night Out at home as best I could.

Maybe one day I will be able to actually go to an event, until then i will celebrate in my own way.

I hope all you shoppers out there bought yourselves something pretty and had fun doing it!

I will be doing my shopping next weekend and I am soo excited! I’m a small shopaholic.

I have a problem.

but, what fashionista doesn’t?!


Your thoughts?

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