I’ve Hit a Wall.

I have been spending the last two years learning the ends and outs of finance and the different areas that it covers. I am beginning to think I know more than I want to know. T-bill, stocks, bonds, calls, puts, buy, sell….OH MY!

I understand somethings pretty well, while others I get it then ten minutes later I am all confused again. The whole call and put options topic is so confusing! I have no idea how people on Wall Street and around the world do it. Risk, asset, portfolio, long, short, futures….OH MY!

There is so much information to know and understand. However the people who have portfolios filled with different investments sometimes do not understand it themselves. Why? Well that is because they go to a financial adviser hire them and then say ‘here is blah blah dollars, I want you to help me invest in these things to generate profit over x amount of years. What is the best way to do this?’…OH MY!

I once asked my professor how he started and how much a person should have to begin. He said that he had been investing with his father since he was little! Well gee I’m late for that bus. The amount to have when you start a portfolio, like thousands, at least for a ‘well diversified portfolio’…..OH MY!!!

I said well I want to invest one day but how in the world can I get that kind of money? He said to ‘just start saving’. HOW???? I can barely save as is with paying for my car, and phone, insurance, and soon student loans, all while working a minimum wage job. Oh yeah and I am supposed to be saving for retirement and have an account with enough money to last me at least six months in case of emergencies!…OH DAMN IT!!

Investing, yes it holds importance, yes there is tons of information to absorb. Me, I don’t think I am cut out for Wall Street, I can hardly understand it.

The funny thing is, I got a fortune that says and I quote “The stock market may be your ticket to success.”

I guess the real key will be hiring a damn good financial adviser….OH MY!


Your thoughts?

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