Card Me!

When is the last time that you wrote someone a letter and sent it in the mail? It has probably been awhile I bet.

It is always nice to send out a thank you note, post card, an ‘I’m thinking of you’ card and letters to friends and loved ones. It is a great way to say ‘I haven’t forgotten about you and I wanted to drop a line to see how you are’.

It is always nice to get something other than bills in your mail box. One of my best friends randomly sent me a card in the mail because she knew I would hate what was on the front cover. Even though I hated the cover, it made me laugh and I was happy to know that she was thinking of me.

Things like that matter to people, even if they never mention it. I started picking up packets of cute thank you cards to add to my stationary so that I can sent out more ‘thank yous’ and ‘I miss yous’. Stickers are great too!

Unexpected mail from someone makes everyone smile. They don’t even need to open it, just to see your name on the front. Use the mail system, that’s what it’s there for! Stop sending mail only when there’s a wedding or a baby shower and start sending funny notes, a post card from the place your visiting or just a simple letter saying ‘hey how’s life’.

Fall is coming around the corner, so what a perfect way to kick off the season by sending a card to someone. To anyone! Happy mailings!


Your thoughts?

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