And You Know This Because?….

More and more times over I am asked what I plan to do as my career. I simply reply, “I’m going to be a real estate agent and maybe a broker after some time.” Instantly before I can get the words out of my month I get…Why would you wanna do that? You know the market is really bad right now.

What I would like to know is why the negative response all the time? I am so sick of people making comments about things that they don’t know about or rather don’t follow from day-to-day. I don’t tell people who are going into teaching, ‘well you know teachers don’t get paid well and most recent graduates can’t find a teaching job.’ I don’t say that because even though it may be true, there may be other reasons that a person may want to go into teaching.

Yes the real estate market has been bad, real bad, however it is slowly coming up. It’s all in the location and the type of real estate that I want to sell. I have to learn to market myself and to work really hard. This is a competitive field and I am fully aware of this. AND, all fields have their ups and downs, so don’t act like I’m making the worst career choice of my life because once mine is on the rise, yours may hit rock bottom. Just like the economy, it all runs in cycles.

Before you open your month to comment on someone’s career choice, do your homework so you don’t look like a damn fool. That goes for anything in life. Take the time to know what is going on around you and get the facts. In this way you are better prepared, you learn something new and are always informed. Knowledge is power. If you don’t keep learning you will never continue to grow.


Your thoughts?

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