WE GET IT!!! You Want Us to Buy Your Stuff!

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Don’t you just love advertisements!…NOT! I had logged on to my blog to check out my layout and see if I wanted to change anything. Well to my surprise and shock I had ads running across my header and in my margin! This ultimately brought me here to  write about advertisements.

I am getting so tired of seeing ads for things everywhere, mostly on the internet. I understand commercials and honestly I am beginning to enjoy them, seeing as they are becoming more creative and funny. I like to watch commercials now, I laugh just about every time I see them.

However, to add tons of ads all over a web page is another thing. The oh so wonderful facebook has done the same thing on it’s new timeline…which I HATE! There are ads in the MIDDLE of my timeline!!! You know at least before the stupid timeline, the ads were out of the way on the side of everything.

I understand that you have to advertise to get your name, brand, product or company out there. But once you start interrupting my personal space, where I express myself, just to place an ad there, I have a problem with that.

Newspapers, billboards, radio, and television are all classic forms of advertising. Now you can’t log on to your email, watch a YouTube video, do online research without seeing ads all the time. And that’s what really irritates me. I’m sure you feel the same way.


Your thoughts?

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