Three are Pointing Back at You

Judgement. Something that many pass on others all the time. Most times it tends to be negative, and it’s often done without noticing. We as a society can’t help it. It’s part of our nature to judge others. However we as individuals have to break ourselves of this habit. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean that you have to.

I find myself being judge by people more than I would like to say. I have done a good job in not judging others, if I do, I think to myself well maybe there is a reason that person is that way. It helps me to learn to be open to others opinions, lifestyles, and choices. Not all of us are the same, and we all should do our best to try to understand that.

Although I’m an understanding person and no matter what a friend or a stranger may tell me about themselves I don’t judge them because I can understand almost all sides of something. So why do the people around me always want to point a finger at me and say oh you are so wrong for that or why aren’t you doing this. But still yet I’m suppose to be understanding about their life, their thoughts, their choices,  yet my mistakes or mishaps are pointed out and blasted on a big screen as if I have committed the ultimate crime.

We as humans have to stop being so engrossed in the lives of others and start evaluating ourselves. Why do we care so much what others do with their lives? I mean it is after all their life and they are the ones living it. Not you. Stop judging and get an understanding. How would you like if you life was under a microscope? You wouldn’t. We don’t like others to point out our mistakes but we are so quick to point at everyone around us.

The only judge that matters to me is the man upstairs. Until then what I do in my life and what you do in your life should not matter to anyone but you. I am accountable for all my actions and I answer to no one. Only the Almighty, and until that day, any judgement placed upon me is obsolete.

All that matters to me in my life is that I approach everything that comes my way with class, integrity, honesty and that I am satisfied with myself and my choices. That the mistakes made have taught a lesson, and that lesson has been learned. Life is too short for regrets, I don’t have any. I feel in my heart that I have conducted myself in a way that shows that I have morals and self-respect.

If we as a society all thought this way, things would be…well they would just be. Stop the pointing, the blaming, and look in the mirror and try to figure out what and who it really is that you are judging. You just might learn that the only person that you are really passing judgement on is your self, then you may not like the person looking back at you.


Your thoughts?

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