Namaste. A Journey to a Deeper Me.

Today I started yoga just like I say I would. First I want to start off by saying that I had no idea how many types of yoga there are. I think that is pretty cool, because you can explore many different aspects of yoga and find a deeper meaning within yourself and it allows you to ever expand. I decided, one day while at work, that I needed to find peace and relaxation and that I needed to try something new. So I thought, HEY! I should take up yoga! so I began my search on yoga. I learned a lot and while today was the first day I put it into practice there is still so much to learn. I decided to try my hand at Hatha Yoga to start. It was a little hard at first to sync my breathing with my movements, while my flexibility is there, balance is a little difficult, but that is all part of practicing. I hope to find a new balance within myself. I am very excited about it and hope to put it in to practice everyday. After my first yoga experience I felt clam and relaxed and open. You know how vegetarians say that becoming a vegetarian was the best choice that they ever made? Well I think that yoga will be the same for me. Now! lets go find out!!


Your thoughts?

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