Take Your Shoes Off…Stay Awhile

As we go about ours lives from day to day rather it be going to work and pulling 12 hour days or taking the kids to practices and summer camps, helping friends and running errans we often forget to just relax. This is something I so bad want to do however since coming home for summer time, it seems that every day I am needed somewhere for something or another. Not once have I truly been able to just relax. In my many attepts to do so I am either called into work or I am needed else where. We all need to take care of ourselves and relaxation and destressing is one of the things that should be done by all. It would help getting through the week a little easier. But as I am begining to see, it is very hard to take the time to yourself, so the question is how can you steal 2 hours a day of untouched you time? I really don’t have the anwser to that because I am having difficulties too. I just know I need the time, to think, unwind, read a book, watch a movie, nap, stay in my comfy cloths and just enjoy peace. It is a challenge I will admit. But I encourage all to try it. Once you have mastered how to steal time for yourself , you will be so glad that you did. Now time for me to find a yoga class to sign up for!


Your thoughts?

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