Ah Spring!

It’s been a mighty long time since I’ve written a blog, but with a computer whose keys don’t work and three weeks of class left it’s very hard to find time to type away and get lost in the many things going through may head. I have had, since my last blog, many thoughts and things that I wanted to share with you wonderful readers of mine but wasn’t able to. But hey there will always be times to share them. Spring is blooming into a very beautiful season this year and everyday I stop to look around at the tress and the grass and just admire the beautiful weather. It’s a funny thing Spring. It makes everything seem completely new and shinny, especially after winter, which by the way was very mild, there was hardly and snow at all. But each season has that effect on me. Everyone of them has it’s beauty and wonders. Fall by far is my favorite, the Christmas season is growing on me….the Christmas season, not winter. I will continue to enjoy this weather before it decides it’s time to get hot. I will hopefully be able to post more. However summer is a time to get out and play. So I may not have the time, but who knows!


Your thoughts?

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