Did You See Her Hair??

You know, not having a computer stinks! I miss writing everyday, but I will get everything back in order soon! Today I had an instance where a girl that I know came up to me while I was at work and said, “Oh you decided to do something with your hair today.” That really ticked me off. This is not the first time that she has said something to me about my hair. Now lets get something straight, I am me, I have always had short hair and the people that have known me for a long time know this. I don’t do it all nice everyday because one I don’t have time, two I’m not trying to impress anyone and three, I’m a college student.

This brings me to the topic of image. Why do so many people worry so much about what they look like all the time?  I know that everyone is different and everyone has different reasons for it but personally I don’t understand. If I am in a good mood like today, I will put on some eye makeup a cute shirt. if I just wanna get through the day and I have lots of work to do then jeans and a t-shirt will work. If you do it to make yourself  feel better or it just makes you happy then those are great reasons. But if you are changing how you dress, talk, eat, your hair or anything else to fit in with a group of people or because Sally or Joe down the street told you to, then those are terrible reasons.

I have had several times in my college life where the girls I hung out with told me I need to dress nicer or change my hair to look like everyone else, or the enviable question “why you talk like a white person’ which comes up with guys and girls (I won’t get into that one, that’s a whole other blog post). I stopped talking to those girls, they were negative and not only that but superficial. I’m a country girl, I will not act like a city girl, or like I’m rich. I will never act like something I’m not.

I see too many people my age, girls and guys spending too much time on their image. Aren’t we in college? Isn’t the whole point of college to get a degree? I didn’t know my campus is a fashion runway where I’m constantly being judged on what I wear! I didn’t know that doing my hair got me an A in every class!! COLLEGE PEOPLE!!! A place where you learn, meet people, grow, experience new things, and get a degree. NOT “University’s Next Top Model”.

Never change for anyone, nope not even for that gorgeous celebrity you love so much, not even your family. Only change for you and when you are ready to. If someone can not except you for who you are, every bit of it, then they are not worth your time or your energy. Point. Blank. Period.      #loveyourself


Your thoughts?

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