Just Rain.

Today is one of those raining days. It feels like the beginning of spring and ending of fall, with a slight chill in the air. I love rainy days, I just don’t like when it rains all the time. This year is feels like we skipped winter all together and just stayed in fall, which is fine with me. On days like this I like to listen to my ‘husband’ (although he’s not) JohnMayer. All his music can be listened to on a raining day and when I listen to it I mellow out and vibe, read a book write while my window is open and I’m taking in the rainy scene. Sometimes I have a glass of wine or a mixed drink if I have it to just help me relax. However today is not one of those days I have class in about thirty minutes then dance practice and after that I have some homework that needs attending to. Nope today is not a day for relaxing but that’s okay because it is soon to come, maybe this weekend…if I’m lucky.


Your thoughts?

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