Technology..Friend or Foe?

Hey everyone, it’s me, coming to you live from….my friend’s Mac Book Pro?! Yes I am not using my handy dandy PC why you may ask? Well because it decided last night that it was going to give me problems.  Not all my keys on my keyboard work! I thought oh maybe it’s dirty underneath. So being the Miss Fix It I am, I decided to look under my keys, which means taking them off. I was terrified I would break it, but to my surprise I didn’t. I cleaned out the dirt and what not but in the possess the key broke off! Of course it would, I’m a cults! But I put it back together, and I’m pretty proud of myself. It still didn’t work!! So you know what that means….yes I have to buy a new keyboard! Damn it!

The question that lies is what would we do with out technology? I am sure it is possible to live with out it, however we have based just about everything around technology! What happens when it crashes and it no longer exist? We log and store everything in our computers and phones. If you don’t have those things where are all the records kept? Do you have a back up system? Will we all just crash? All I know is that I am really mad that my computer is being a big fat baby and not working for me. If my professors didn’t require that I do all my darn work on a computer then this would not be an issue! I can always write a quick blog else where, but when I have to leave the comfort of my room to go to the library just to use the computer to do homework, it irritates me. Technology…scientific knowledge that you love to hate.


Your thoughts?

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