Is it just me?

I don’t understand my generation of young women! I just don’t!! I irritates me to no other to see the way young women carry themselves. They have no respect for themselves, no ambition. Yes, you may be getting a higher education but what is it worth if you don’t act like you have any common sense or morals? To get attention they wear next to nothing   showing their body to anything that is swinging and they don’t care.

First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama

This is good attention? My parents would kill me! I could never do anything to disappoint my family or shame them. It is so disgusting and it makes the rest of us young women who try to have others see us as smart, intelligent, down earth women look bad. It makes it hard for us. Wake up ladies!! Please, please, please wake up!! Have some dignity, respect and love for yourself, if you don’t then what makes you think that any of these guys out there are going to? Learn how to carry yourself with class and grace, learn wisdom, surround yourself with other women who have morals, opinions about the world around them, and are open minded. Do the same with your guy friends, and if you meet someone that you want to be with then make sure that he has good qualities that are reflected back to you. This woman is the definition of class, and I don’t know about the rest of my generation but I ‘d rather be remembered and thought of as highly as she is. I am not saying I’m innocent or anything, but when my name is brought up among people, there are always good things that are said, people think of me as a respectable headstrong smart young women not a slut or hoe or yeah she get around. My name and who I am means so much to me, and it should be the same for all the young women in my generation and the ones that follow.

“Well behave women rarely make history”-Eleanor Roosevelt


Your thoughts?

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