Business Attributes….Get Some!

The one thing I love about my being apart of the School of Business at my University is the emphasis that they put on professionalism. Our Career Services offers so many opportunities to learn what it takes to make it in the business world. They hold forums, boot camps, and do resume critiques, and answer any questions that you may have. As I stated before, I was a science major so when I switched I didn’t know much about this business stuff, but I have learned a lot in the past year!

However there are things that one has to learn on their own that the books can not teach you. Like business sense, drive, passion, motivation, great people skills, time management, and how to market yourself in a way that is not generic, but is professional and shows the type of person that you really are. I am lucky because I have some of those things running in my veins.  I come from a family of head strong women, the more I learn about myself the more I see the traits I have in other members of my family.

Not all things that can be learned come from a book, but from practice. Put yourself out there, I know it maybe scary but it will be worth it! I found this out today at the Career Fair that was hosted at the University. They host one every semester and ask for companies to come, and the companies recruit students that would make great interns or even possible employees!! I marketed myself really well and I may have a shot at an entry-level position!!  Thank you School of Business and the blood running through my veins. Now I just have to wait for that phone call!


Your thoughts?

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