Planting for a Purpose

On Friday I decided that I really wanted planets in my room, some other living thing besides myself. After dropping off my friends at the train station, I decided to check out the Big Lots in town. I come across these gorgeous purple candle holders. That’s when I got the idea that I would plant my own plants, in the candle holders! Why?.. well because the were so dang cute and I can’t have candles in my dorm. I picked up some Bachelor Buttons and Aster seeds and planted my flowers.

Provided by Google

I thought since I am planting flowers I should have each one mean something. If they grow successfully then maybe I will have luck with the attribute it stood for. I planted one for drive, success, passion, and love.

I have a green thumb but I never planted and nursed plants indoors before, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. To my surprise I looked at each one today and I saw a little sprout!! I got super excited! It was sprouting from the one labeled drive! As I looked closer all of them have a little sprout!! All except success!! That’s okay though maybe success needs a little time to get it together!


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