The Moon!….Yeah?…What about it?

I was closing my window before bed and I looked up at the sky and there was the moon. It looked so big, and normally I would say bright but tonight it had a calming glow. I think it was because the clouds were rolling in. But never the less it looked spectacular! Now I wish had one of those super cool cameras that takes fabulous  pictures but I don’t. This was the best shot I could get. But you can see just how wonderful a sight it was.

My first love is astronomy. My dream job was to be able to work for NASA, and that was what I was going to school for, to become and astronomer. I had been saying that’s what I wanted to be every since I was in the 5th grade. I spent three years at my university working on obtaining my bachelors degree. After hitting the brick wall one to many times, I decided to change my major, yes I change it at year four. I gave it everything I could and I just couldn’t any more and I cried, because my dream, the one thing I have wanted for nearly my whole life was no longer possible. Now I’m majoring in finance, and I want to go into real estate, my second love.

Even though my career path has changed, it hasn’t changed my love for the sky. It’s so amazing and has so many wonders with all the other galaxies, stars, planets, nebula, black holes and many other things. It’s ever expanding. Just the thought of how big Jupiter is compared to our earth is mind blowing, the size of the universe, is something that just can not be fathomed.

When you walking out to your car, or looking out your window and it’s a clear night. Just look up, and you will be surprised at how magnificent the sky can be. For that moment…you will feel so very small and all your problems will no longer matter.


Your thoughts?

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