Lights…Carmera….SPRING FASHION!!!

Spring 2012 Collection
Spring 2012 Collection

So I was looking around today at the spring collections from different designers and one of my favorites is Oscar de la Renta! I love love love both of these designs! The whole collection was gorgeous! The one the right is very simple but it still has that wow affect, as a normal person (meaning I’m not famous) I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear this to, but it wouldn’t matter as long as it was in my closet!! The other one I could see myself wearing to work, it has a business feel to. I would just have to wear something underneath to make sure that I am covered in  presentable way. Screams spring time and I love it!! I would love to own both of these, however the prices of these designs are big, but what do you expect, it’s Oscar de la Renta for crying out loud!! But both of these designs give me some inspiration for my own wardrobe! Thank you Oscar!!!

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