Happy Anti Valentines Day……Everyday the Fourteeth

Who’s with me?
Like so many others I have no valentine this year nor have I for the past several years. I hate this day with a passion! It is a made up holiday that makes single people feel like they have to be with someone and people who are not single feel as though they should get something special just because is V-day. Well it’s a made up holiday people, there is nothing special about it! So I don’t celebrate it. This year me and one of my best friends are having an Anti Valentines Day! So here are some tips for a successful Anti V-day celebration:

  1. You must only hang with friends that are single!
  2. Get together a playlist of songs that you want to rock out to that speak nothing of love, losing love etc… ACDC, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Led Zeppelin are good starters.
  3. Must watch movies or shows that have nothing to do with a love storyline, scary movies do the trick!
  4. Order some super greasy food like pizza and grab some wigs while you’re at it!
  5. Must have the adult beverages people!!! NO WINE!! (disclaimer: do not get hammered, you have work/class the next day. If you do your friends are responsible for not pulling the bottle from your hands.)
  6. No candy, flowers teddy bears, the color red and pink are also not allowed.
  7. Wear your most comfy pj’s (your with your best friends there’s no need to be dolled up)
  8. If there’s snow on the ground, go have a snowball fight (helps let out the anger lol)
  9. Grab a fun board game!
  10. This one is the most important on of all so read carefully, you HAVE to tell your friends how much they mean to you and why they make great friends!
That’s what this day, what everyday should be about. Spending time with the people that mean something to you in your life, the ones that make you laugh, that you are goofy with and can have a good time. Friendship…..nothing like it!
Dedicated to Miss. Skinner

Your thoughts?

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