Autumn Eats.

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Another Year, Grab the Shears.

I know it has been a while but you know, life! It’s time to touch on the subject of hair today. It has been a little more than a year now since my very first complete trim natural. Since then, my hair has grown loads and in order to keep it healthy; keep it growing toward the heavens, another trim is in order! And that means time to straighten it. Continue reading

Elevated Style.

It has happened people! Fall has made its way here but can’t seem to figure out if it wants to stay for good or if it wants summer to have a few days every once and awhile. I am so happy we are getting into another season, it feels like it’s been a very long time. With the leaves turning and collecting upon the ground in the most beautiful way, my mind can’t help but turn to fall fashion. Continue reading